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What is a leg press machine and why you should use it?

20 Apr What is a leg press machine and why you should use it?

If you are new to a gym or to exercise in general, you may be overwhelmed by the number and variety of machines that are now available to you. One machine that you may not be familiar with is a leg press machine. What is it and why should you make it part of your workout routine?

What is a leg press machine?

A leg press machine is a piece of exercise equipment that provides a workout for a person’s legs. The exercise works a person’s legs by having them exert force against a weighted piece of the machine with their legs, strengthening the area between the hip and knee. Some leg press machines will also strengthen the calves. There are actually three different types of leg press machines that serve slightly different purposes. The horizontal leg press machine is designed as a bench seat with a weighted piece that overhangs the end. The vertical leg press machine requires a person to lay flat on their back and press upwards. The 45 degree leg press machine splits the difference and has the person laying back in an angled chair pushing a weighted platform up an incline.

Why you should be using a leg press machine

The exercise is also called a leg press, which the machine is named for. A leg press is designed to increase the strength of your legs from your hips to your knees. Professional trainers use this machine to evaluate the strength of an athlete’s legs. Most modern machines employ a platform that the person will press to lift the weights. A leg press machine is a good machine for beginners because it has a slow learning curve and if used properly the risk of injury is low. A leg press can also be safely used if you have a neck, back, or shoulder injury. A leg press machine is a simple alternative to exercises such as parallel squats, lunges, and deadlifts because it provides a similar workout without the risk of injuring knees or calves from overextending.

How do you use a leg press machine?

A leg press machine employs the strength of a person’s legs. The person completes a certain number of repetitions, as advised by their doctor or trainer, before resting. Weights are applied to the platforms over time to help to increase the strength of the legs. It is important to ensure proper back support while completing leg presses to avoid any injuries. Some leg press machines do not provide back support and should be avoided in favor of those that do.

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