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What Foods to Avoid When Whitening Your Teeth

09 Feb What Foods to Avoid When Whitening Your Teeth

In today’s times with social media views at an all-time high the demand for whiter and straighter teeth. Little do the people of the world know and understand about professional whitening techniques. The chemicals and radiation that you are subjected to while in the dentist’s chair can be very harmful to your body. They also do not tell you that the process that they are using is breaking down the enamel on the outside of your teeth while in the long run will cause a good amount of dental issues.


On the flip side of things there are many ways to brighten your smile and protect your teeth at the same time. By cleaning and whitening your teeth with products like beconfident at home you can enjoy going out again, you can get the right attention that you desire and most importantly you can whiten your smile at home, at your convenience at pennies on the dollar.


Just to give you a little education on the things that can cause your teeth to appear and become unhealthy and not as bright we are going to go over some with you today. First and foremost, any and all red wines. We love to drink wine socially, but the lasting effects that the wine can have on our teeth is horrible. Red wines can cause rough spots on the teeth which can allow stains to be harder to remove during the process. Soft drinks are another culprit. The acid in the soft drinks eats away at the enamel and also causes and promotes cavities in your teeth. This can not only lead to discoloration but can also lead to cavities. Cigarettes are also a large factor in yellowing teeth. The ammonia and cyanide that is in the cigarette break down the enamel, eat away at the good bacteria that is in the mouth causing stained teeth, gum disease as well as causes other health issues in the long run. The infamous desserts and candies. We all love a good snack, or a piece of gum. However, we have to realize that the amount of sugar in one piece of gum or one dessert is enough to rot all of our teeth out of our mouths. These are the number one causes of cavities, yellowing teeth and loss of teeth across the board.


In order to achieve a dentist approved smile at home products that contain charcoal. Charcoal has activated agents in it that bring the enamel back to life. The charcoal is peroxide free and will not damage your teeth. The charcoal is vegan and is able to get the toxins and stains out of your teeth. In the long run this is better for your teeth and bodily health.


Your diet also plays a part in the health of your teeth. Less acidic foods and more vegetables will give your teeth the needed minerals and vitamins to grow healthy and rejuvenate themselves when necessary. Just remember when selecting a tooth paste you are going to look for fluoride free because this chemical is detrimental to your teeth and your health.

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