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These Shark Tank weight loss products could help you lose weight

14 Feb These Shark Tank weight loss products could help you lose weight

If you have watched a few episodes of the reality TV show Shark Tank, you have probably seen entrepreneurs trying to prove their weight loss products are innovative and actually work.

While some do not, others are actually quite effective. These are diet pills and other weight loss products featured on Shark Tank, as well as similar ones that were not.


Nutrisystem Diet Plan — This is one system that is similar to Shark Tank weight loss products that does not rely on diet pills or highly processed set meals.

Instead, the Nutrisystem Diet Plan concentrates on delivering three meals and two snacks that are low calorie, healthy and made from whole foods. They also provide a recommended exercise program along with the meals.

Participants who follow the program for at least four weeks have been able to lose between 10 and 15lbs without much effort.

When you also consider the delivery service is affordable, it is no wonder Nutrisystem is one of the most successful when it comes to easily being able to lose weight.


Simply Fit Board — This Shark Tank exercise and balance board works by working the legs, hips and stomach muscles. As these muscles tone up, your metabolism increases and allows your body to burn off more calories.

As a new exercise program, using the Simply Fit Board is fun as well.


Turmeric Forskolin Superfood — While this does have a little bit of an odd name, there is no doubt these diet pills definitely seem to work.

They are also just as effective as an anti-inflammatory and an excellent source of antioxidants as they are as a diet pill. They have even been shown to regulate blood pressure when taken regularly.


Nexersys Kickbox Gaming System — While kickboxing is definitely effective for weight loss, it can also be a boring sport to participate in if you are doing it by yourself.

Understanding this, Nexersys developed the Kickbox Gaming System. A kickboxing program that allows you to practice the sport while still having fun. Due to its high intensity, it is also effective at burning calories.


MealEnders — While this product was not ultimately chosen to move forward on Shark Tank, MealEnders has become one of the success stories from its exposure on the reality TV show.

This appetite suppressant is eaten after a meal giving the taste buds a feeling like they have just eaten dessert, yet with few calories. People who saw it featured on Shark Tank and tried it are now touting its benefits.

So much so, the appetite suppressant has been able to sell almost $1.5 million worth of products while still only being available on a handful of websites.

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