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Quick tips to help you gain muscle while losing fat

18 Feb Quick tips to help you gain muscle while losing fat

One of the easiest ways to drop weight quickly is to gain muscle while losing fat. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will work and the more calories it will consume. These means it will be easier for you to both lose weight and keep it off. How do you gain muscle while losing fat, though, and is it easy to do for just about anyone?


Choose a sport or exercise program you like — There is no point telling someone to exercise to gain muscle if they do not like the sport or exercise program they choose. This will just lead to them stopping doing it within a week or two.

This is why you should spend some time choosing an activity you actually enjoy, and then put aside an hour a day to do it. If you do this consistently every week, you can expect to lose up to three pounds a week with just a small change to your life.


Cut down on calories — If you want to gain muscle while losing fat, you will have to cut down on the calories you eat. You should also substitute healthy calories for all of the processed foods you have been eating. In essence you need to follow a strict diet for muscle gain and fat loss.

This means, if you normally eat cookies, potato chips or one of the millions of processed snacks available in supermarkets all over the world, cut them out of your diet. Eat fruit and vegetables instead, or even healthier snacks like dried fruit.

Cutting down on the calories you consume, while also eating healthy ones, will allow your body to slowly reduce fat while building up your muscle. The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism will be and the more weight you will lose.


Start weight lifting — Lifting weights is the easiest way to gain muscle while losing fat as it targets specific muscle groups in your body.

 You can start lifting weights by going to a gym and beginning a free-style weight lifting program. If you do not know how to use weights, you can also hire a trainer to help.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a gym or on exercise equipment, you can even gain muscle by buying a pair of free weights and some ankle weights.

Practice weight lifting with the free weights once or twice a day. Wear your ankle weights when you are doing other exercise or even when just walking around your apartment.

If you do this, your muscles will begin to grow and your body will begin to shed fat. Within a month of beginning a weight lifting program, either in a gym or at home, you should see a big difference in the amount of muscle your body has now.

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