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Kiss, Talk and Smile with Confidence

20 Oct Kiss, Talk and Smile with Confidence

Dental Implants have been traced back to around 600 AD and has come a very long way since then. Millions of people today in the United States have implants and that number grows rapidly each year.


Dental Implants is an artificial tooth in a sense. The implant consists of a screw portion that is placed in the patients jawbone, a connector that is placed on the screw and then the crown of the tooth. So let’s break that down a bit more.


A patient would go to a dentist to see if he/she is available for a dental implant. The dentist will look at the current tooth, if the tooth is still attached, or the space where the tooth would be going if the tooth is no longer intact. The dentist will then look at the composition of the jawbone. If the bone is good and will be able to accept the screw that will be installed, then a dental implant may be an option for you.


Once the dentist meets with you, the next step if the dental implant option is an option, would be to have the dental implant (the screw) implanted into your jawbone where the tooth was. This will be done under local anesthesia and many patients return to work the next day.


As you heal, the dental implant will bond with your natural bone forming a strong foundation for your replacement tooth. This process can take time so be prepared. The dentist needs to make sure that the screw is fully healed. During this time, a temporary tooth may be added depending on the location for aesthetics.


Once the bond has set between the screw and the jawbone, a small connector is placed on the implant. After this is placed, the patient needs to wait for the gum to heal.


The dental implant is then installed. The dentist will either use an imprint of your tooth it is replacing or create a tooth that will blend with your natural teeth. The artificial tooth is installed and the great news is the tooth will not decay over time. Proper check ups and care will need to be made to your dental implant the same as with your natural teeth.


Dental implants (for instance: Dental Implants Abroad) can make you look and feel great. The artificial tooth will look like your natural teeth. The implant is much more comfortable then dentures or bridges and can last many decades. Since the implant is a replica of the tooth that was in that spot, the implants will help maintain your nature smile. The dental implant will provide you with the confidence to speak, eat, and smile naturally. When you laugh you won’t have to worry about the implant coming out or being seen. Kissing is possible again.


The technology to help patients be their best is out there. By providing an artificial tooth the patient will have their freedom back and be able to live the life they way they were prior to the tooth loss.

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