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Are electronic cigarettes/vapers less harmful than traditional cigarettes?

15 Aug Are electronic cigarettes/vapers less harmful than traditional cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have become popular for many different reasons including their lower cost and tax burden than traditional cigarettes, the ability to use them in public areas without the negatives of secondhand smoke, and real and perceived health benefits associated with electronic cigarettes. But are electronic cigarettes any healthier than traditional cigarettes? While the truth is confusing and not completely unknown the signs lead to information that it is, though it is not risk free and is certainly not as healthy as not smoking either traditional or electronic cigarettes.

What are Electronic cigarettes and do they work?

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new to the market. Unlike traditional cigarettes that are lit with a match or traditional lighter, electronic cigarettes are ignited with an atomizer which heats up a container of premium e liquid at a very high temperature that does not lead to smoke being produced in the smoking of electronic cigarettes. As such, individuals inhale a form of vapor as opposed to smoke and many believe that this is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. In addition, filters on t electronic cigarette limit the tar and nicotine that is inhaled into your lungs and provide some reduction of these cancerous substances.

Different Strengths Allow You to Quit

Many people will switch to electronic cigarettes after smoking traditional cigarettes. For some people, the reason for doing so is the desire to quit smoking and get off of a dependency on nicotine that makes them addicted. Electronic cigarettes use e-liquid containers which have a variety of different strengths of nicotine in them and which can be used for slowly weening yourself off of smoking by managing your withdrawal symptoms effectively. While electronic cigarettes have some health consequences to them, just as traditional cigarettes, the health benefits with them include better management of withdrawing from nicotine addictions than might otherwise be possible with traditional cigarettes.

Additives for Health

Some e-liquids will contain different substances that can help to promote your health such as CBD oil. CD oil is derived from marijuana but is not psychotropic and doesn’t lead to a high of any kind. It is added to e-liquids for health benefits such as controlling anxiety and mental health issues, dealing with joint problems, and managing pain. Other herbal treatments are al added to e-liquids for the real or perceived health benefits. While the health benefits for these additives are not fully known, they may have health benefits that elevate the e-cigarette to greater health than traditional cigarettes.


Dosage and Controlling Smoking


When you smoke a traditional cigarette they are smoked from start to finish with little choice for smaller does than throwing away half a cigarette. Electronic cigarettes instead offer a better alternative; a smoker can take just a drag or two and limit their smoke inhalation in this way. By doing so they can benefit from smaller doses of nicotine than they might have with traditional cigarettes.


Overall, there are many health benefits with electronic cigarettes over traditional ones. While the full benefits cannot be quantified easily yet, the likely will guide the continued usage until studies that can provide their health benefits come out.

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